Turks and Caicos Journal

Nine of us, my family and my nephews and nieces, had a lovely time in Turks & Caicos. One week living the island life was amazing as you’ve seen in some of the photos in the last two posts.

 One day we took a seven hour adventure trip on the sea…

We were on board and excited for the adventure as much as my little girl was.Our first top was for snorkeling.

Conch hunting at southern tip of TCI. It’s three feet deep. I love the color contrast in this picture!

My little girl tried to pull out a live conch from his shell.

Time for lunch. Our boat moved on and stopped at Fort George for picnic. It was a perfect setting- so relaxing, island living. We had fresh conch ceviche and grilled lobsters.

A quick tour of Big Water Cay, then we stopped at Seashell beach where there is a ton of seashells along the shore.

Having Enough of seashells, we moved on to Little Water Cay on the other side of Seashell beach to look for Iguanas on Iguana island.

At Iguana island, watching the sunset was a joy.

At dusk, relaxing and enjoying ourselves while our dinner was being prepared. 

Thank you everyone for visiting. I hope this post will inspire your travels.  xo…Hanh :)

Insta Turks and Caicos

These photos were taken by my Instagram @lifeintravel.  If you haven’t followed me on Instagram, I’d love to see you there and hope you enjoy my daily photo updates!

At Long Bay Beach.

I love the color contrast in the below pictures. It was taken while we were conch hunting at southern tip of TCI.

Peaceful scene at Bugaloo’s restaurant.

Sunset at Little Water Cay (Iguana island).

Island’s comfy chic outfit. This is called ‘packing light’-borrowed a shirt from my hubby to wear out for lunch and as a beach cover. Lunch at Da Conch Shack. I loved its atmosphere and the plantain fries were so yummy!

The pictures below were around Grace Bay beach.

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First Impression

We just arrived in Turks and Caicos today.  It’s one of my favorite places for a beach vacation.  These pictures were taken today.  Can’t wait to have some fun here and I promise to take lots of pictures to share.

This was above the Turks and Caicos while we were landing.

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Happy weekend, everyone! xo…Hanh :)

Island Vibes of Turks and Caicos

Here is a photo diary from the Turks and Caicos. It is a paradise island on the Caribbean. We enjoyed it so much. I love the contrast of the blue and white colors here. So stunning!!

Our kids enjoyed their time with a cousin from California.

They loved to sit in the front of the boat on snorkeling trips. They’re so brave to jump off a 6 yard high diving board from the boat.

The boat captain got some conches and we ate fresh sashimi style as well as ceviche style. It was delicious.

Here are some conches, after they were cleaned. Just beautiful shell!!

Our snorkeling trips through Caicos Dream Tours and Island Vibes Tours. Staying at Grace Bay Club.

Photos by me and my husband, Mike.

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Caribbean Fantasy

For the first time, we went on the Fantasy, from the Disney Cruise Line on the Caribbean. The ship is 7 months old. It’s beautiful. There were so many fun, intelligent activities for kids and parents. The Disney company is smart and they know what children and parents like. My family and I enjoyed it so much. Highly recommend it. One of the greatest parts was the Pirate In the Caribbean party, ending with fireworks in the middle of the sea. It was amazing. The ship stopped at St Martin island (owned by Holland and France), St Thomas, St John (USV island), and Castaway Cay (Disney private island in the Bahamas). Here are some random pictures from the cruise:

Photos by me and my husband.

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Victoria City, Vancouver Island

Victoria city is the capital city of British Colombia, Canada, and is located on the southern tip of Vancouver island. It’s a nice city to hang out in for a couple days. The fun area is around the Inner Victoria harbor, the Fairmont Empress hotel, and the British Columbia parliament building. The parts that we enjoyed the most were the experience of high tea with our kids at the Fairmont Empress hotel, visiting Butchart gardens, and whale watching.

Butchart gardens offers fifty acres of floral finery. It has the most beautiful gardens. One of my favorite is the Japanese garden. I always love visiting Japanese gardens. It’s such a serene landscape and gives you a feeling of calm and peace. Here are some pictures of Butchart gardens.

It was our first time to do whale watching. It was an exiting trip to go out on the ocean and watch those wild big whales.

Thank you everyone for visiting and have a wonderful day!! xo…Hanh :)

Vancouver City

Vancouver is a very pretty, clean, big, and fun city. It seems to me 50% Asian on the street and sometimes you will spot young people in Japanese street-style. Asian culture is influencing this city, especially food.  You also will see many Chinese Warrior statues around the town.  Talking about food, it is very good here. There are a lot of food trucks around ( they even have a Dim Sum food struck) and you’ll be surprised how good their food is. Here are some restaurants I highly recommend.  Kamei Royale-it’s casual Japanese cuisine, while Miku and Hapa Izakaya are more unique. Kirin is a Chinese restaurant specializing in dim sum style- best quality dim sum.  Cin Cin is a great Italian wood fired cucina, if you’re tired of Asian food. Western style restaurants around Vancouver Convention Center have good food but not excellent, although they have a beautiful view of waterfront and harbor (fun area). Oh! Don’t miss Bella Gelateria, a ice-cream store, it has got 2012 best ice-cream award in Florence Ice-cream Festival. I gained 6 pounds because of their ice-cream, my favorite flavor was black sesame-so yummy! Also, I really like the modern architecture here, there are many cool buildings around. Vancouver is a fun city and there are a lot of cool activities for you to do.  You could get on “Hop-on Hop-off” buses (it’s everywhere), harbor cruises, seaplanes tour, river rafting, whale watching,..or spend your day at Grouse Mountain (great zip-lining here).

Vancouver harbor at Canada Place and Convention Center. It's a great fun and pretty area to hang out.

The view of Vancouver city and its harbor from the other side, when we biked on Sea Wall trail (10km-about 6miles) around Stanley Park. Lion Gate bridge.

Different view of famous Lion Gate bridge.

The city reminds me of New York city but smaller. You will see many Chinese Warrior statues around the town.

We spent our day at the Grouse Mountain-the peak of Vancouver. There was still some snow when we were there. While my kids stood on the snow, my little girl said: "It's miracle that it still has snow in July". Actually, It's so cool to see snow in July.

The Eye of The Wind. It's 20 stories high and sits on top of the Grouse Mountain. It's the best spot for seeing the stunning panoramic views as you see in the picture above.

Thank you everyone for reading and have a happy Sunday and a wonderful week ahead!! xo…Hanh :)

Around Portland and Yamhill County

If you have ever visited Portland, Oregon, you should turn on your relaxed mode, take it easy on the fashion sense, turn on your food button, and eat like you haven’t eaten before.  The lifestyle here is about natural and organic. The food is so good. Fruits and veggies are really fresh. Talking about fresh, flowers here are gorgeous and everywhere.  Summer in Portland is just perfect (high at 70F). The weather is  ideal to walk around the city. NW 23rd street is a fun street to explore. There are many cool restaurants, nice boutiques, and local souvenir stores. Don’t forget to try out different flavors (they’re weird but yummy flavors) from a famous ice-cream store called Salt & Straw.  Downtown is another fun area. While you’re in this neighborhood, you should have some fun and try the food from food trucks near Powell’s book store. It’s located in the Pearl district (fun area too) and if you love books, make sure and visit this book store.  It’s the largest independent and used book store in the world (occupies a full city block with 5 stories high). Oh! especially, don’t forget to visit the Saturday Market in the Portland University district at the end of the Park Blocks. It’s a fun market experience. There are a lot of outdoor activities around Portland,  like visiting the Rose Garden, Washington park, hiking up to Multnomah Falls, spending a day in the countryside, taking a scenic tour on  the JetBoat (at OMSI), adventures on the Columbia river with many kinds of water activities…

Here are some pictures around Portland.

One of the pretty bridges. Willamette Falls. Hiking up to Washington Park. At Saturday Market.

The view from our airplane. Rose Garden. Peonies at Zupan's Markets. My DIY bracelet, made from wild flowers. We had fun at Washington Park.

Pretty poem on a street.

In the countryside: Yamhill County.

A sign for Merriman Vineyard. Pretty roses. Cows. Bones of dead animal.

Beautiful wild flowers at Merriman Vineyard.

We enjoyed picking wild blackberries and cherries. Those fruits were so juicy and sweet.

I loved the feeling when we drove through this road. I'm in love with it. It's pretty wild nature-just so beautiful.

I’ve been lazy to carry my big camera with me. My Iphone and Instagram give me options to make my beautiful photos. Make sure to follow me on Instagram @lifeintravel for my instance daily picture updates. Tag me #lifeintravel your summer pictures. I’d love to enjoy them. :)

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Mother-Daughter Moments…

My little girl and I had a chance to visit New York city, while my husband was on a trip with my big girl in Costa Rica.  This was our first time to do one-on-on trip with the girls, so they got full attention from dad and mom.  We did a lot of fun activities.  We had an amazing time and so much of sweet mother-daughter moments that we’ll cherish forever.

We were at the top of Empire State Building and at New York Public Library.

We both enjoyed shopping at Zara.  The Zara on 5th Ave-53rd Street is the best.  All Zara stores open until 10:00 p.m everyday.

My little girl posed on the street and in front of Zara’s window.  She is a happy kid and she made our trip so much fun.

On the street at Times Square.  Believe or not, she loved to go to Apple store at 5th Ave almost everyday during our stay in NYC for new fun games :)

My little girl enjoyed so much ‘Newsies’, a broadway show.  We also  enjoyed Museum of Natural History, fiber handmade paper, and a program called ‘Fashion Through Ages’ at the Met.  You could arrange these activities through Discover New York and Beyond, their guides will tour your kids through any program with fun and adventure.

After my little girl learned about Prada and Schiaparelli through fashion exhibition at the Met and visited Fenton Fallon Jewelry studio/design-room, she has determined to be a fashion designer for clothing and jewelry. She always shows her interest in art and fashion.  After this trip, she has gained more her great energy.

Another part of this trip that we enjoyed very much was the Food Hall at The Plaza.  We visited it so many times during our stay, of course we couldn’t say no with macarons and sweet treats there.

What I wore: Hot pink top from Free People, Isabel Marant (purchased from VOD boutique).  Ann Demeulemeester white top, Zara pink jeans.  Zara red/blue lips top and white washed jeans, Junya Watanabe jacket, Celine red heels sandals (purchased on sale at Barneys), I holst Lee choker, Lynn Ban smoking lips necklace.   Madewell yellow tee (similar here), Rag&Bone jeans, Cole Haan oxford.  Zero Maria Cornejo dress, Marni necklace from Net-a-Porter, Pono by Joan Goodman belt, Rebecca Minkoff bag. All bracelets from Fenton Fallon jewelry line.

What my girl wore: Jacket from Crewcuts. Tops, shorts, and skirt from Zara.  Shoes from H&M.

I hope you all enjoy this post!   Wishing everyone a wonderful day ahead! xo…Hanh :)

Around New York City

This time, I visited New York city with my little girl and I didn’t bring my big camera.  All the pictures were taken with my iPhone and Instagram.  I have to say Instagram is awesome, it really enhances your pictures nicely (please, make sure you follow me on Instagram).  We had amazing time and did a lot of things. In this post, I’d like to share pictures that I captured “The Big Apple” city during our stay.

The Plaza.

The fountain in front of the Plaza. The building behind is Berfdorf Goodman.

In front of Apple store on 5th Avenue. Great gathering scene of food carts at night.  Fun!

An old church at the corner of 5th avenue and 55th street.

Columbus Circle. And the Wholefood at this location is amazing.

Times Square.  It always has different energy here.

The Rock at Rockefeller Center at night. It’s really fun to hang out here on a beautiful night.

We toured through the New York Public Library.  It’s the beautiful library that I’ve ever seen.

Statue of Liberty seen from a boat on Hudson river.

The beautiful view from 86th stories high of the Empire State Building.

The stunning view from 102nd stories high of Empire State Building. You pay an extra $17 for going up.  Can you see Central Park?  It’s a bit off your top left hand-side and it has a lake in the middle.

Graffiti in Soho.

I take a picture of this stairs every time I visit Opening Ceremony. Don’t you love the poem?

A news-stand on the street.

I hope you enjoy this post. Wishing you all a happy Sunday and a wonderful week ahead! xo…Hanh :)

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